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Dotcom-Life is a book loaded with ways people within Zimbabwe can earn money through the internet.

It details with care, steps for almost everyone who is interested in web-living to establish a steady monthly income, carrying out from small, to big, useful tasks through the internet.

Dotcom-Life is not to be mistaken for one of those scam-guides that supposedly contain secrets to ‘get rich quick on web’ that end up wasting people’s precious time, and at times even losing money in process in the hopes of hitting a fortune.

The book was written by Henry Goff (Pseudo), a journalist and freelancer, after carrying out a careful study of profitable and unrestricted ways for someone in Zimbabwe could look into in order to earn money on the web in reasonably shorter time periods.
It’s almost impossible for someone, after reading the book, to spend a day on the internet without earning a single dollar. Anyone who reads the book will discover ways to earn an income daily while doing what they love.

You can get the e-book at, ZW-$ for only RTGS$3.00 or (US$0.15cents).

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